Fire Department University (FDU)

A passionate firefighter with more than 20 years fire service experience who wants to educate the fire service community. Discussion topics ranging from firefighting, hazmat, tech rescue, EMS, surviving probation, new industry innovations, hot button topics from the firehouse, and much much more.

Episode 3: Hybrid & New Vehicle Technology

December 29th, 2019

In this episode I talk about what makes a vehicle a hybrid and how to identify them through the manufacturers vehicle badging. I also discuss basic electrical theory, and I debunk a number of myths related to these type of vehicles. During the episode I go over proper power down procedures for the vehicle's electrical systems prior to extrication, patient removal, and submersion in water. Later on in the podcast I talk about other vehicle technologies such as HID lighting, airbags, run flat tires, and alternative fuels. Enjoy!  

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